A month apart

For some reason, my last two posts were a month apart and here we are a month later and I am writing again.. I’m not sure why this happening, but I love patterns and always notice them.  Life has been moving along and standing still at the same time. We are in a transitional time.. moving out of a very difficult time and being released into a new season. I’ve noticed another pattern lately. Some of my desires that go back years and years are being fulfilled. Things that I thought would never happen..are happening.

So as we wait for things, it is very freeing to realize that God knows the desires of our hearts and many, if not most of them, are desires that He has for us as well. With that assurance, we are able to rest in the knowledge that in His time they will be fulfilled. In my counseling practice, I often sense that women come to me when they are about to emerge out of a dark time in their life (sometimes their entire lives have been pretty dark) and God is about to do a new thing. He wants me to encourage them, to hold on to hope for them and to pray into the vision that He has for their lives.. I love doing this because I believe that I am coming alongside of them at a critical juncture with the privilege of helping them receive the showers of blessings that He has in store for them. It is a bit like coaching someone on their journey with the Lord… cheering them on and reminding them that they are winning the race..

God takes delight in bringing us surprises.. in coming through when we think He won’t. He wants to remind us that we are not forgotten, that He knew all along how hard it was and He held off because He was only going to give us the best. Remembering all this makes it possible for us to trust Him.. to stay faithful and hopeful as we wait and takes the fear out of an uncertain future.

May He continue to hold you up and to pick you up when you need Him. His plans for you are amazing and He has heard the cry of your heart.


4 thoughts on “A month apart

  1. Your posts are such an encouragement Alicia. Those who come to your practice are truly blessed to have you in their lives. You have such a compassionate heart. A delightful rose sharing sweet fragrance.

  2. Thank you so much for the beautiful comment. The rose is my symbol.. and my middle name. God gave it to me at the most difficult moment of my life and it reminds me of His goodness.. The scripture that mentions us being a sweet fragrance is also significant to me in many ways. God speaking through you to bring encouragement to me! Thanks again
    xoxo Alicia

  3. Amen, amen, and amen! I praise God for His beautiful gifting of you, and how He lovingly touches our lives through you, bathing us with His healing touch. Praying for you, Alicia, as you continue leaning so firmly on our loving Lord. Thank You for speaking His heart, may He encourage you through us all as well. Continue trusting Him and residing in His peace!

  4. Thank you so much Suz..I am always blessed beyond belief when the words He has given me touch another life. What a miracle it is that God allows us to encourage one another and travel together as we get closer to His heart and receive the blessings He holds for us.
    love you..

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