Waiting is preparation

Yes, it is. While we are waiting, God is working deeply in us and preparing us for the next season. If we forget that, we may end up wasting the time wanting the season to be over.

When we wait..we pray and ask God for things that we desire and that is as it should be. We can’t be sure that everything we ask for will happen.. but we can be sure that He has heard. Knowing that this is true brings peace in the waiting if we trust Him to only bring those things that are good for us.

All of the above implies a deep faith and trust in the character of God and His goodness. It requires us to remember that we are not forgotten, that we are not being punished and that His love for us is underlying evrything.

I don’t know about you, but I get amnesia when I have to wait too long. I forget who brought me this far and I forget how much I have to be grateful for. God has His ways of bringing it all back to me. He brings to mind other seasons that were similar and the way He was working to prepare me for the life I have now. He cures me of the amnesia and brings hope and encouragement to my weary heart and mind.

So.. in the end I am thankful for His ways, for the trials and tests and for the wisdom He uses in not giving me everything I want when I want it. He loves me too much for that!

“But God’s not finished. He’s waiting around to be gracious to you.He’s gathering strength to show mercy to you.
God takes the time to do everything right—everything.
Those who wait around for him are the lucky ones.”

Isaiah 30:18 ( The Message)








8 thoughts on “Waiting is preparation

  1. Coming across this article was an answer to many of my prayers. Sometimes, just like you said, it is easy to forget what God has truly blessed our lives with. Whether they be simple blessings or much larger, he is always there and knows exactly what we need. Answers to our prayers don’t always come when we want them to, but they do come. As I was reading this, I remembered an article that my friend wrote. In the article, he compares forgetting God’s blessings to forgetting what our parents have blessed us with. I think you would really like it: http://goo.gl/UyeXok

    • Thanks for commenting Mia. I read the article by your friend..it was very good. I loved the way he compared it to a growing up and realizing things we never saw when we were younger. It is so similar to our walk with the Lord. We only see a little at a time and it takes lessons and tests to teach us what we need to know about God’s character. Eventually we get glimpses of Him everywhere and realize that He is source of life and that His heart is good. Keep trusting Him.. He will meet you when it is time.

  2. It is so easy to forget this! I have the hardest time trying to wait for answers or direction or opportunity. I’m so grateful that God wants to give those to us, but it’s hard to stay in a happy middle: wanting to go and be proactive, but waiting on the Lord and letting Him direct your paths. Thank you for this reminder!
    I had a friend who wrote this post about this very subject: http://goo.gl/CLY28e. Let me know what you think about it!

    • I read the article by your friend and thought it was very good. It all comes down to trusting in the timing and character of our God. If He is sovereign over our lives..we are never forgotten. If He does not respond when we want Him to.. there is a reason. There is a plan for our lives and since we don’t know exactly what it is.. it is dangerous to take things in our own hands. We have to wait and pray and seek His direction. God is teaching us to rely on Him, to trust Him and let go of those things that stand in the way.

      Thanks for your comment. May He bless you with patience and perseverance as you trust Him!

  3. Whatever happens to us, and even when we suffer deeply are or going through really fiery trials, the difference is that if we have God by our side, He can bring meaning and purpose even in to the most painful experiences. Without God, it does then seem to be meaningless indeed.

  4. Yes Tim..we need to frame everything within the kingdom of God and realize there is something bigger always going on. This can help us survive the times when nothing makes sense and we just want the trial or test to be over. Eventually we hope to trust Him more fully in the midst of the uncertainty..

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