All wrapped up

That’s the way I feel the day after Christmas. The packages are all unwrapped and the anticipation is over.. but I feel pretty wrapped up and ready to unwind. I love this week before the year ends. There is a quietness and a peace that seems to fall on everyone. We are all tired and some of us actually get down time..time to reflect..just to be. The flurry of activity leading up to Christmas is gone and we are able to step back from life and prepare for the year to end.

Since I was born on New Years Eve.. this is a very special time for me. My year ends right about the time when 2011 ends. I begin a brand new year of my life on January 1, 2012.. the same day you can begin a brand new year. It doesn’t have to be your can have a new beginning..a fresh start. Periodically we need these things..markers of one season ending and another one coming. As we look ahead we can ask God to renew our strengthen enable us to continue living fully with Him.

I enjoy the opportunity this provides for dreaming, renewing old desires, remembering, trusting, and believing. We are entering unknown territory as 2012 unfolds. We can anticipate new adventures, gifts, and blessings from the hand of our Provider.  Yes.. there will be difficulties and challenges..but He is going to equip us and strengthen us as we face these things. Our God is with us!

Lord, I pray for each person reading this today..Prepare each one for the things that lie ahead and renew their hope. We want to end this year with our eyes on you. We need more faith..we need more of you. Keep us in the shadow of your wings and fill our hearts with gratefulness. We love you and we trust you!


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