He makes all things new..

God is always doing a new thing. Today is the first day of a new year and He will be doing many new things as this year unfolds. As we follow Him on the path He has prepared for us, our lives will unfold and blessings will fall upon us. There is no way that He can fail us or disappoint us as we trust Him.

His desire is to renew our minds..to heal and restore us.. so that we may live more freely. He is not asking us for new years resolutions or good intentions. He is not waiting for us to promise Him what we cannot deliver. He is longing for more relationship. He wants to spend time with us.. to reveal Himself to us.. to pour His love into every empty space in our hearts.  If we carve out space and find a quiet place..He will be there..ready and waiting.. to fill us, encourage us, soothe us, calm us, and comfort us.

Let’s enter in..rejoicing in the God who made us..beginning this new year in a new way..delighting in our God.. the one who gave everything for us and continues to come for us day after day.

“His mercies are new every morning.. great is His faithfulness”

2 thoughts on “He makes all things new..

  1. What if the words of St. Paul are 100% correct, “For in him we live, and move, and have our being; … For we are also his offspring.” (Acts 17:28)? What if our very being, let’s call it our Higher Self, is God incarnate? What if God is closer “than breathing, and nearer than hands and feet,” as in the words of the poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson? Then the unfolding path, the joy, the blessings, the healing, the love, the relationship, the encouragement and the comfort of which you speak, come from God within us and not a God outside us. What if we allow the Ego, the Lesser Self, the Fallen Self if you like, the mind that runs rings around us, to dissolve into the mist of the illusion that it is? We may then open our hearts and our lives to reflect the Higher Self, the God within, and so live the life which God desires to experience through us.

    Love your post! God is always doing a new thing… There is such a deep truth here in your words.

  2. It is His life in us..our relationship with Him causes that life to grow and blossom. You are so right in saying that we must get out of the way and let go of our own plans and ideas..( our ego) if we do.. He is able to do even more.. both with us and for us!

    Thanks for your comment Alan and for visiting my blog.

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