The 4th week..

We are almost finished with the waiting…wouldn’t that be wonderful? But I was only referring to Christmas. This is the 4th week of advent and Christmas will be here in less than a week and then suddenly it will be over.

Many of us will continue to wait for all kinds of things that are yet to happen. We may be waiting for blessings that God has for us.. we may be waiting for things that are very difficult. We wait for gifts and we wait for losses..both are from the hand of God. As you anticipate this Christmas day approaching..wait in Him.

He is preparing you right now for everything you will be facing on that day and every day that follows. He knows each step, every challenge, He has provides a way through the wilderness and protection during the storms. His heart is for you and He is with you.

Blessed be the name of the Lord.. He gives and takes away..Blessed be His name!

2 thoughts on “The 4th week..

  1. He keeps reminding me and I just pass it on.. We really need to know that.. it is so easy to forget. His heart is overflowing with love for us in all matter how we feel or what we think. He is so much bigger!
    xo Alicia

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