God’s Underground Stream

As my husband and I talked over dinner this evening I began to get a picture from a recent walk that we took in our neighborhood. We were walking along a trail near a stream and at one point the stream disappeared..it was underground …we walked along wondering if we would see it again. It suddenly reappeared as though nothing had happened..as beautiful and perfect as it was before it became invisible.

As the picture of this stream appeared in my imagination I realized that God has a stream just like the one we saw that day. His stream runs along the path of our lives..it is a flowing stream made up of people, places, and dreams that we encounter as we travel the road of life with Him. We may have a relationship with a person or a vision we believe God has given us..when (for reasons we don’t understand) we no longer see them. They have vanished..and we wonder what is happening. Questions come to mind. What happened God? Why are they gone? I didn’t feel like that was supposed to be the end. God seems silent. We grieve our losses.

Sometime later..the person, place, or dream returns..we let go and did not expect God to bring them back. On our path..the stream went underground. God was at work arranging things that were yet to be. That stream was not gone..it was rushing under the earth..moving forward..carrying itself along..waiting for the right moment to come to the surface and surprise us. It looked gone.. it felt gone..it was a dry patch without the life-giving flow that we had come to cherish.

The living water seemed to stand still and disappear from our sight.. it was never truly gone. He was only waiting for the right moment to drench us with it..to fill our eyes with the beauty of His sovereignty..to quench our thirsty spirits. Suddenly we are gasping..and standing still in astonishment as we realize we are not forgotten. Our hearts are filled with thanksgiving..realizing that He is with us..His plan is being fulfilled just as He promised.

“There will be swarms of living things wherever the water of this river flows…Life will flourish wherever this water flows…Fruit trees of all kinds will grow along both sides of the river…the fruit will be for food and the leaves for healing.”    Ezekiel 47

10 thoughts on “God’s Underground Stream

  1. You’re welcome..God has a theme going on my blog. It seems like He is continuing to reassure us of His faithfulness while we are waiting.. I noticed in looking over the last few posts there is a connection. He knows when we need encouragment and hope..when our faith needs to be strengthened. Of course I need it as much if not more than anyone who reads this..

    Hope you are doing well Sarah..


  2. Hi Alicia,

    I can definitely see the theme, maybe because it speaks to so much of what I’m going through now. And, sometimes I do think we need to read what we write just as much as anyone else does:)

    The high school girls retreat this last weekend was amazing. God showed up in such a huge way for these girls, tethering them to Him so tightly that they won’t even realize what He’s done for many, many years to come. Like Moses, many times it’s in the looking back that we truly see the hand of God putting our lives together.

    Thank you for your blogs, they are so encouraging to me!

    Blessings, Sarah

  3. So glad to hear that your retreat went well.. high school is such a critical time spiritually. I worked in a christian school for a couple of years and saw how difficult their road was. So many important decisions and so little support..even in that environment.

    Your comments are very encouraging to me..I am in a difficult season right now..continuing to trust..but growing weary. The blog is somewhat of a lifeline for me.. I guess that is what God wants it to be:)


  4. Teary … a beautiful message Alicia. Now I know where I am … “underground” waiting for the resurfacing with blessings abundant. Thank you for this precious post and I pray, seeing as this was written three years ago, that your circumstances and difficulties have much improved and resolved at the hands of the Lord.

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