Evidence of things not seen..

Faith is..the evidence of things not seen. It is different from blind faith..believing without seeing. When we have faith but we are not blind..we have evidence yet we cannot see what is going on behind the scenes. Our vision is limited to what we know about God and His intentions towards us. We are able to see because we have history with Him..we are able to believe because He has given us promises. We are able to hang on because we know He is good.

In His wisdom He has even told us to ask for faith when we need it..He knows how frail we can be. His provision includes His willingness to carry us when we are faltering and to renew our strength as we persevere. Our God is amazing. He created us and knows exactly what we need to continue with Him.

Walking in a dark place is never easy or comfortable. Our natural inclination is to find the light switch and turn it on. Sometimes we do that by running from the darkness toward something that looks like light..it may only be a distraction..a way of avoiding the fact that we are trapped in a period of uncertainty..insecurity..a dark place where the only real light is coming from the face of God. He is our safe place and His promises are a comfortable blanket that we can use to cover ourselves as we wait.

He is working behind the scenes right now to prepare everything you need for your future. He has every detail worked out so that you can live abundantly..in faith as you trust Him. Don’t fear the darkness..remember what it is.. God is not absent or busy. He has given you a history with Him..look back on His faithfulness and be encouraged. He is with you and He loves you with His amazing grace.

 “We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, the champion who intitiates and perfects our faith.”

3 thoughts on “Evidence of things not seen..

  1. He is with us! We are not forgotten. Imagine the great love He has for us..that He would speak to us through words that bring hope to our weary hearts!

    Blessings to you Sarah and Kim!

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