In the quiet place..

Have you ever been in the quiet place? It is not just a place where it is sitting outside on a beautiful day in a very quiet neighborhood..everyone is at work except you and it is sooo quiet. No.. I am talking about a quiet place where you can’t seem to hear the voice of God. You know He is are not doubting His presence..but He is not speaking. He is not asking you to do anything in particular..only to be still.

For me that place is a challenge. I am not comfortable..I like doing things..accomplishing things..making things happen. Apparently God is not all that impressed with activity. At least not just activity for its own sake..busyness. He is very interested in teaching us to be seek be OK in the quiet place.

Recently I have realized that my own attempts to fill the silence are not working. Every door I push on ends up slamming in my face. He is still..listen..learn..receive..allow me to take the next step and I will lead you to the next destination. He is not in a hurry..He is panicking or worrying. He is filled with peace..I want some of that peace..don’t you? I want to enter into His rest in trust Him in the silence.

So..let’s learn to be the stillness..waiting patiently..not anxious..resting..trusting..believing..hoping..knowing..receiving..being.

“Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust Him and He will help you… Be still in the presence of the Lord and wait for Him to act.”

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