Clean Slate

The new year can be a like a clean slate for us. An opportunity to start fresh. To move in a new way. This is not the same as making resolutions. Often they are impossible to keep. We decide to do new things and then life happens. I am talking about living in a different way.. living as though we are safe every day.. realizing that the uncertainty we face is not all there is..we are part of a larger story.

This used to be called living by faith.. I rarely hear anyone talk about it these days. Most of us worry and wonder what will happen to will we make it?..where will the money come from?..who will take care of us? We look at our bank balance and shudder. We think about our aches and pains and wonder. We entertain fear, doubt, and unbelief as though they were close friends. We wake up with amnesia..God who?

Is this the life that God intends for us? A life filled with worry? antidepressants? insomnia? I don’t believe it is.. but many of us struggle to understand how to trust this invisible God. His ways are so mysterious and He is often silent. How do we navigate this road? By faith..continuing to trust Him..remembering His goodness..taking fully today..knowing that He is in the past, present, and future all at the same time. We do it day by day..step by step..moment by moment.

Our God will carry us when we need it.. He will rescue us before we drown in a sea of trouble..He will catch us as we fall..He is always reliable..always on time..always there for us. He wants us to live as though we believe this.

” That is why I tell you not to worry about everyday life–whether you have enough food and drink, or clothes to wear…Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?..So don’t worry about these things..Seek the kingdom of God above all else and live righteously and He will give you everything you need!”

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