The middle of summer..

I love summer so much.. I’m thankful that is only half over. This summer I am being very deliberate and focused. Focused on what? might be thinking. Focused on being fully present in this season. For some time I have been praying for a plateau season. A break between the waves..a quiet place..a reprieve..a resting place. God has been gracious to provide that season. I am savouring it because I realize that it is not going to stay this way forever.

Our lives are not one long season.. change is inevitable..our stories are unfolding. We may feel like we wish our good times or our quiet times would last forever but in reality that is not life. We are on a journey filled with challenges and new opportunities. For some of us this is not easy..we may prefer our comfort zone..our peaceful place..our solitude..our own world. We need this time when we are set apart.. often it is preparation for what lies ahead. We are being restored so that we can continue to run the race.

Enjoy the summer.. Take in the beauty that you find in this season. Find some escapes..Get some…pray…sleep..swim…walk…breathe…relax. Do those things that bring joy to your heart and refreshment to your body. Remember that the season will change and this is your time to draw near to God and let Him fill you.

” He lets me rest in green meadows..He leads me beside peaceful streams.”

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