Yes.. Joy. Another amazing word that says something profound. For years I wondered about its meaning. I heard that it was not the same as happiness but I never understood the difference. I see things differently now. Happiness is a small word compared to joy. We can be happy over a certain outcome or event in our lives..but true joy is more. It is an underlying assurance that all is well. It is deeper and not something based on circumstances. Joy is a gift that God gives us. He wants us to feel safe secure and joyful because He is at the center of everything.

In order to experience joy we must know sorrow. We have seasons of sorrow when we are going through trials and tests. God does not pave the road with rose petals. He shapes us by allowing challenges..losses..pain..loneliness..and failure. Dreams may die. Visions may fade. Hope may disappear. We are stretched to the breaking point. He becomes our all in all as we cling to His promises and  remember our history with Him. When it is time we are released and we are changed.

Joy returns and with it a knowledge of Him that goes deeper than we ever imagined. He has moved us toward Himself and He rewards us with the joy of knowing more fully who He is. Joy is a gift from our heavenly father..our closest friend..the lover of our soul..our one and only.

 ” Their sorrow was turned into gladness and their mourning into joy.”

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