The journey..not the destination

I know.. you’ve heard that before and so have I. Let’s re-visit it anyway. I love it when things are settled.. it’s my temperament..the way I’m wired. You may be the same way. I’m sure I was one of those kids who always said..”when are we going to get there?” Life with God requires some big adjustments to that mind set. We are there! Yes.. we are waiting for things that have not happened..but we are right where we are supposed to be today.

If we spend too much time looking ahead..we miss today. If we try and figure out the future we get depressed and anxious. Anytime I find myself in a worried state.. a red flag goes up. What is happening God? Why am I feeling this way? He reminds me that I am not trusting Him.. I am once again writing my own story..usually with an unhappy ending. The story we are in with Him is much better. Our stories are too small. They don’t incorporate the bigger picture of His sovereignty, grace, and love for us.. in any and every season. let’s stop having “catastrophic expectations” and start believing that the God who set the heavens in place has amazing things in store for us as we trust Him.  Let’s remember the larger story.. the one where we get to be with Him forever and enjoy His presence in ways we can’t imagine. We have read the end of the book..we know that all is well..

He is right here with us on this part of the journey. Everything is under control. The future is in His hands and we can trust in His goodness. The destination is amazing..more than we could ever imagine!

” Look at the lilies of the field and how they grow..If God so wonderfully cares for wildflowers..He will certainly care for you.”

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