I love this word.. for many different reasons it is a favorite of mine. It is a rich deep word that seems to capture something special when you say it. It is connected with freedom and yet it implies something freedom plus. Plus what? I think freedom plus grace..yes that’s it. Not only are we able to enter into freedom with the Lord..He  has unlimited grace for us when we make mistakes. His grace is available every time. It permeates our lives if we live in relationship with Him.

So.. why don’t we always know this? Because we may not have grace for ourselves or others may not have grace for us. But that changes nothing when it comes to the truth about God’s grace. It is consistently available..not reserved for moments when we really need it..there is an unending supply for our everyday living. As we move through this life we are going to have regrets..there is no way that we can live perfectly. When we look back and beat ourselves up..God has something to give us.. His grace. He knows us and nothing we do surprises Him. Our inability to live perfectly helps us realize how much we need Him.

As you live your life..remember that you have real be who He created you to be. Yes..truly living..fully living..making mistakes.. and receiving grace. He will always meet you and will delight in releasing you from any and all condemnation as you trust Him. You are His.

” Where the spirit of the Lord is.. there is liberty.”

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