Our History

Just like everyone who came before us.. we have a history with God. Our lives tell a story and in that story there are many moments when we see how He has intervened in our lives. These are key times for us.. we pray and wait and suddenly something happens. Maybe just after we have lost hope.. maybe just before we wonder if we should give up.. maybe when we least expect it. God shows up and there is no doubt that it is Him. He surprises us and we realize..at least for the moment.. He cares! He is there! He came through!

The challenge is what happens next. How do we hold on to that amazing realization that God is for us. Disappointments come.. more waiting.. discouragement.. difficult circumstances..wearniess sets in. Where is He now? That is the time to REMEMBER. We have the memories for a reason. They are our markers.. the times in our lives when our faith was built, when we saw Him at work, when we felt His presence in a very deep way. He tells us to remember these times.. to look back. God tells His people over and over again Remember Me.. just as I remember you.

Then they remembered that God was their rock, that God Most High was their redeemer.”

Every day is a new beginning.

One thought on “Our History

  1. Hi Alicia,
    We met at the Women of Faith lunch. Your website and writings are very beautiful, for me to remember what The Lord has done in my life and for me not to focus on my mistakes has been the key to a sound mind. The scripture of
    Trust in the Lord with all my heart, mind and soul. The mind
    part has and is for everyone I think been the toughest thing for me in my walk with Jesus. Lean not into our own understanding (I tend to want to figure everything out) but to lean into God and Jesus. And He will lead us on a straight path! Thank you for the book list! Thank you for your writings!
    Love Aleta

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