Longing for rest..

I’m focusing again on my word for this year ” Rest.”  It is elusive.. hard to truly find in this world. When I think about resting, I envision a place where there is no pressure.. or stress and lots of time that is not filled with responsibilities.  Definitely not life on earth, is it? No, while we are here we will have trouble.. that is what the Lord has said and He said it for a reason. We cannot escape the pressures of this life.. when one lets up another seems to take its place.

For me, I just want a season where it is less intense..some space to recover from all the changes of the last decade. I am asking God for this and hoping that He agrees. Meanwhile I am taking a couple of weeks to reflect on my life.. a practice that I totally believe in. It is helpful to look back and see what has happened..especially when you are weary. Instead of feeling condemned for feeling tired and worn out.. I can have grace for myself. It is absolutely OK to need ” rest.” I know this is counter intuitive when it comes to our busy culture. but God invented rest and rested Himself. It must be important.

So I am learning to ” rest” outwardly and inwardly. To trust God when I am too exhausted to accomplish anything.. to contribute..to make a difference. He understands my limitations and all the pressure comes from my own expectations.. not from His heart.

“And God blessed the seventh day and declared it holy, because it was the day when he rested from all his work of creation.”



6 thoughts on “Longing for rest..

  1. I think you’ve pretty much nailed it with that last paragraph Alicia. The inward and outward rest, trusting in the Lord, and accepting his grace in place of our own expectations. One of the things I’m pondering at the moment is how to live inwardly and outwardly from a place of rest, so that it restores a rhythm to living.

    • Thanks for commenting Ann. I am also trying to find balance in my life.. have been praying that God will show me what that looks like.. Resting and doing.. both are necessary. Coming from ” a place of rest” makes total sense to me.

  2. One time my husband worked from home and saw everything I do every day. He told me that I needed to start taking little breaks throughout the day, or I would exhaust myself. It really has helped, taking the time just to sit and have a cup of tea makes all the difference. Rest is so important. God Bless!

  3. I could not agree more.. hope you are still taking those breaks! We all need those small breaks and if we can get them.. we need longer breaks so we don’t wear out before it is time:)

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