Soft Hearts

Soft means pliable, able to be molded, tender, and gentle. God has a soft heart. As we follow after Him He gives us this type of heart. He also guards our heart so that the trials and tests of this world don’t cause us to become hardened.

Disappointment and discouragement threaten our hearts and weight them down. This is the time to cling to God and wait for His deliverance. He knows us and He will not require more from us than we can may seem like He does.. but He truly knows when we are at a breaking point. Just when we feel like our hearts will break and we cannot go on..He will come in and do something to bring us hope and relief. Amazing but true. Our limitations are known by Him. He stretches us and challenges us but He also watches over us. The tension of this life is not easy.

We are being taught to believe in His sovereignty when we cannot see even a foot in front of us and all seems lost. We are being trained to walk close to Him through suffering and loss. He is with us and His plan for us cannot be destroyed. We have an enemy who uses despair and hopelessness to drive us away from God..if we run toward Him we are safe in His arms. He loves it when we turn toward Him..when we step out in faith..when we trust Him..He rewards us and showers us with blessings as we walk in His ways.

“He will be gracious if you ask for help. He will surely respond to the sound of your cries.”

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