Do you have them? I do. More and more all the time. It is difficult to face the fact that as we grow older we cannot do everything we once did. Our culture does not support this truth in a good way. Youth is worshipped and so is activity. Young and busy doing things..isn’t that the ideal? Yet the reality is we are all growing older and life may be too busy. Some of this cultural obsession with doing overflows into the church. We are offered many opportunities to serve and become involved. These are positive possibilities but not all of them may be in God’s plan for us.

Our path with God is specific to who we are and our stage of life. He knows what we can handle and what is too much. We have the responsibility to discern this path and to follow..regardless of what anyone else may think. It is a huge challenge. There are so many needs in the world and in the many things that press on our hearts. Yet if we don’t care for ourselves and keep in touch with what is going on..emotionally, spiritually, and physically..we won’t be able to do any of it eventually. We will wear out and burn out.

Our God is not a harsh taskmaster and He is not performance based. There is no big chart with our name on it keeping track of our latest accomplishments. Our God is filled with grace, mercy, and love. He cares for us as a parent cares for their child. His desire is that we blossom and grow. He wants to nourish our tired hearts and spirits and fill us to overflowing. As we rest in Him.. He will refresh us and renew us and prepare us for those assignments that He gives us.

” Stop at the crossroads and look around. Ask for the godly path and walk in it. Travel its path and you will find rest for your souls.”

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