Healing takes place in layers. We are not healed instantly. Healing takes time. Healing is part of God’s plan. The Holy Spirit is called the Counselor. He sent the Counselor to bring healing and we have access to this third person of the Trinity. He is available to us at all times and in all seasons. He is the one who can bring us into freedom.. He is able to take us out of the darkness and into the light.

Healing is part of the gospel. We are not just rescued once when we begin our relationship with God.. we are rescued over and over again. God wants to restore us and to renew us as we walk with Him. Our circumstances are designed to bring the wounds out into the open.. our life path is designed to help us see where we have been hurt in the past. God knows what triggers the old pain. It happens in layers.. we may have a lifetime of wounds and they must be dealt with little by little. His plan is to restore us not to overwhelm us with more than we can handle.

Is the Healer after you today? Are there things that you need to revisit.. old wounds that are clamoring for your attention? Are you depressed? Angry? Too busy? Afraid to be alone? These are signs of something going on deep inside. STOP. Ask Him to show you what He is after in you.. ask Him to bring healing.. Ask Him to give you insight into your own journey. If that is overwhelming then get some help.. find a counselor and start unraveling your past. He wants to bring you to a new place.. a place of peace and freedom.. a place where you can live life fully right here, right now.

 ‘Turn to Him and let Him heal you”

One thought on “Layers

  1. This is a wonderful account of the process we need to go through in order to heal. We must always remember that when we reveal the very tender skin under those scars we will ,then, begin the true process of healing. But never without the help of someone greater than us. Well said …

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