Bumps in the road

I don’t know about you but I love the idea that everthing is going smoothly. That is not what usually happens.. life interrupts my fantasy. I long for a time when there are no problems and we can just enjoy ourselves..a time when the pressure is off.. a time when there are no more tears..a time when joy is everywhere.. so I must be longing for heaven. That day will come.

Meanwhile we are here and there are lots of bumps in the road.. some are more like craters that threaten to swallow us if we are not careful. Challenges that require courage, faith, and boldness. Circumstances that disrupt our lives.. people who require too much from us.. Life. A journey that is unpredictable..full of disappointments and surprises.. a journey where we encounter ourselves over and over. God uses those very things to bring us closer to His heart. He wants us to depend upon Him for everything.. to learn to trust that no matter what happens He is in control and He is with us.

I don’t know an easy way to learn this lesson. We walk with Him and He says “trust me to do the impossible.” We either say yes and decide we want to go deeper with Him or we make up an excuse not to trust Him. We either walk a walk filled with faith in the living God or we walk in fear and unbelief. It is our choice. God never forces anyone to do anything.. He invented people with free will.. we always choose.

Let’s live intentionally.. desiring to grow in our faith, to come closer to God, to let go of fear, to know Him deeply, to receive healing, to be used by Him for His purposes.. to become the person He created us to be. The choice is yours.. He is waiting to be all that you need all of the time.

” Choose Life”

Find a place to Rest in Him today!

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