The Waiting Room is Full

No.. not full of people… full of surprises. There are wonderful things that happen while we wait. Doors to the past are often shut.. to make room for the new things that are coming. Old wounds may be lanced and healing can begin. Our hearts are purged and the desires we have entertained may be removed. Yes.. that can be painful but He has something better in store. We are being released into greater freedom. God is moving.. changing things.. rearranging the furniture in our hearts.

What a great feeling it is to let go of something old and beat up.. especially if we know something new and beautiful will replace it. A new season.. new hopes.. new desires.. new vision.. It is like a huge drink of living water. He is longing to give us all these good things.. often while we are waiting and wondering if we are forgotten. We need reminders of His presence.. He gives them to us.. Spring is here. Flowers are blooming.. skies are blue.. birds are singing. Life is good. We are still waiting but we are not hopeless. A friend calls.. we eat ice cream.. read a good book..hug a child.. we remember that life is rich and full and He is with us.. always with us.

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