Waiting like a Puppy

Last night before I went to sleep I was thinking about how much waiting brought out the puppy in me. Sounds funny doesn’t it? When I wait I have times when I am at peace and I rest.. almost sleeping but with one eye almost open. Other times I am like the puppy that is trapped in his yard and suddenly he is frantically digging his way out.. trying anything to escape.

Some circumstances are so trying that we would almost do anything to escape.. to get relief. Only God knows how hard these times are. We can’t really share them with another person because it sounds like complaining.. but we are suffering and it is a trial. Nothing helps me more than to stop digging out and instead to plop down and realize He Has Me Here for a Reason!

What are you doing in me Lord? Help me  to rest in you while I am in pain. Teach me to receive from you when I only want relief. Quiet my heart and mind. I want to learn the lessons that you are teaching me. I want to receive the healing that you want to bring me. These are the things I tell the Lord during these seasons and He answers me… usually through lots of tears. His answer is often ” You are not forgotten.. I am with you in this..Trust me.”

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