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2012..the year of ???

This year feels like it has not really started yet..it seems like I just rolled right into it without really stopping at the end of last year. Usually New Years is a turning point for me. Not this time..I wanted it to be a new beginning.. but somehow that has not happened. I am longing for that feeling of newness..old things falling away and new things taking their place. Not so far..

We were created to long for new beginnings and fresh starts. Our hearts desire second chances..new opportunities. God made us that way..because that is the way He is. He is always doing something new..always creating..always pouring out new life. The problem is we don’t always see it. We find ourselves in the waiting room..until He chooses to release us. We are locked up inside..discouraged or tired..waiting for Him to release us. Our hearts feel heavy ..our spirits weighed down with grief and sorrow.

All of this makes me wonder what will happen in this new year that is only 17 days old. The possibilities are endless. A year from now life could be completely different. A new beginning could be around the next corner..tomorrow, next week, next month, or 6 months from now. We must wait until it is time..continuing to believe in His goodness. His plan is unfolding and He will not fail to deliver all He has promised..in His time. So if you are still rolling into 2012..dragging disappointments from last year with you.. be encouraged. Our God has not forgotten you.. He loves you more than you could ever imagine and He is with you.

The LORD appeared to me in a faraway place and said, “I love you with an everlasting love. So I will continue to show you my kindness.”