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Walking with God

I thought of the title of this post while I was out walking this morning. We use this expression to express a different type of walking..it might be described as staying close to the heart of God..following Him..choosing His plans instead of our own. All of this is very important, but so is walking outside in nature with God. For me, it is a necessity.. I literally cannot keep going emotionally unless I get out and walk.

We live in a beautiful place so I am blessed to be able to walk out my front door.. right into nature. The reason I crave this time is because nature represents something stable and unchanging to me. The birds always sing..the grass always turns green after the rain..the creek always flows. In winter the trees always lose their leaves and their silhouettes are breathtaking. As spring approaches, daffodils poke up through the ground and the tips of the tree branches turn green. The flowers are in full bloom during the summer months and the birds seem to sing even louder. Then we have the beautiful fall show..the leaves turning color and drifting slowly to the ground. Wow!

Our Creator is working overtime in this world giving us glimpses of His artistic genius. It keeps me connected to walk outside and view His handiwork..it encourages me that He is never too busy to place beautiful clouds in the sky and to remember incredible sunsets. I just can’ t get enough of it! I truly hope you find the time to step outside and take in  creation in all its glory..it will bring peace to your soul and rest to your spirit.






Waiting and resting..

in the arms of God.  That’s right. Some lights have gone on for me this week. Instead of sitting on the edge of my seat and wondering when the answers will come, I am beginning to rest. realizing at a deeper level that my anxiousness hurts no one but myself. After all if I am confident that God is at work and that I am where I need to be on the path, then I can relax knowing that all is well.

A prayer that helps me.. is to ask if there is anything I am missing.  If I ask and hear nothing than it is safe to assume that I haven’t taken a wrong turn somewhere. I walk daily doing the things God gives me to do.. making sure that I am following His lead and believing that He is taking me deeper.. that He will continue to show me new things and use me to help others. There may be twists and turns, but there are signs along the way that show me I am right where I should be.

This is the place of rest that enables me to wait and trust and believe that He is with me and will bring new things to me at just the right time. Nothing can compare to the peace that God gives as we follow Him with our whole heart. All those things that threaten to overcome us lose their power as we realize that that He is good and that He loves us.

It sounds so easy, but it is truly the most difficult thing I have ever done because it means getting myself out of the way and keeping my focus on Him..intently listening and walking in faith. When we live like this, it is our own personal journey and God speaks encouraging words to us that no one else truly understands. He leads us beside still waters… He quenches our thirst with living water.

“God, my shepherd! I don’t need a thing.
   You have bedded me down in lush meadows,
      you find me quiet pools to drink from.
   True to your word,
      you let me catch my breath
      and send me in the right direction.”