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Do you like my new look?

Although it doesn’t really feel like the new year has truly started, I decided to make some changes on this blog. I always wonder if I should keep going.. does it really matter? Because I am such a relational person, the internet can be a true challenge. Maybe it is just my insecurities.. but when it is too quiet.. I get nervous. Is anyone out there? I hope so.

So.. the new look came from a winery in Sonoma where lavender grows in abundance. I love it! The smell and the look.. I have three lavender plants in front of my condo. The bees come in the spring and the smell is wonderful. It is one of those fragrances that you either love or hate.. I haven’t met too many people who are neutral toward this interesting plant. Lavender brings calmness to your soul.. the scent is calming to both people and animals. I don’t know about you.. but I need all the quieting down I can get.

Stress just sneaks up on me and before I know the muscles in my upper back and neck are bound up in knots. So.. I’m making it a mission in 2012 to find stress relief. The world is a stressful place.. a thought I often write about on this blog. Everything and everyone seems to be rushing forward. As for me I call a time out..a time out from the rushing..accomplishing..goal-oriented..works obsessed culture.

2012 is the year for REST..that is what God told me and I am telling you. Find a place to rest..to sit and relax.. maybe a place that smells like lavender or roses or whatever smell you enjoy. Listen..receive..let down..enjoy silence and beauty. So what do you say? Shall we stop and rest for a while as we travel this road together?  I’m making it a priority.. I hope you do too !

“The apostles then rendezvoused with Jesus and reported on all that they had done and taught. Jesus said, “Come off by yourselves; let’s take a break and get a little rest.” For there was constant coming and going. They didn’t even have time to eat.”

Sit right here and relax!