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Riding the waves..

This morning I saw a picture of what life has been like lately and I wanted to share it with you. Life has been like being at sea in the middle of a storm. Like all storms, there are moments when the sea is still  and moments when the waves threaten to rise up and sink the boat..and everyone on it. This image reminds me of the story in the Bible where Jesus calls Peter to walk on the water.

We all have times when we have to keep our focus.. no matter how threatening our circumstances become. The key for us is the same as it was for Peter.. Keep your eyes on the Lord and don’t be afraid. It is critical that we continue to look to Him even when the giant waves come down and break over our heads. On the calm days when the storm seems to be still..we need to breathe and thank Him for His goodness and for the reprieve.

He is our stability in the storm.. our rock and the one who is in control.. the storms cannot happen without His permission and He knows when it is time for it to move past us and time to restore the still waters. Remember the end of this passage? Jesus reached out his hand to Peter and together they climbed into the boat! Then those in the boat worshiped Him.

Lord.. you are the one who reaches for us as we lose faith and begin to fall. Our eyes are on you as you steady us and bring us safely into the boat. We need you Lord and we worship you..