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Last night the power was out in our neighborhood so we were able to stand outside and look into the sky without any interference from the street lights. We are on a hill near open space so there were no lights at all..the sky was amazing. It is so easy to forget that all those stars are up there..we rarely get to see them so clearly. The beauty of the sky took my breath away..God’s canvas..created for us.

I realized later why these moments in nature are so critical. Standing in our driveway and looking up I felt so small and the sky was so big. It puts everything in perspective. We can be so consumed with our problems and ideas..we become the center of our own universe. In reality we are  part of something much bigger..larger than we could ever imagine. Standing on the shore of the ocean or at the foot of a tall mountain has the same effect. God’s reminders that we were created for more.. His view of the world is so different from ours..we can become so wrapped up in our small world that we forget the bigger picture.

So if you get the opportunity..go somewhere and take in His creation. Let yourself be reminded that you were created to enjoy beauty and to feel connected to Him through these amazing gifts He has given us. Let Him put things in perspective..allow Him to renew your heart and help you realize that His world is huge and the things we take so seriously are often smaller than we think. It is comforting and reassuring to remember the greatness of God..He set the heavens in place and placed every star exactly where we see it.. can you believe it?

” I look up to the mountains..does my help come from there? My help comes from the Lord,who made heaven and earth. He will not let you stumble..The Lord himself watches over you.”