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…silver lining.

The metaphor is “every cloud has a silver lining.” Is it true? Is there always something positive that comes from the difficult things in life? I think so..it certainly has been my experience. As I look back over my life I don’t see a single situation without a silver lining. I didn’t think there would be one while I was living in the midst of the trials..but there is always something good that comes from the suffering. God promises us that this will be true and He means it.

Our part is to have eyes to see. If we get stuck in complaining and wishing life were easier we may miss the whole thing. There is a greater purpose in every experience that we face. God is always up to something..if we believe this and begin to look for how He is working on our behalf.. life becomes more meaningful. When the clouds descend and we feel like we can’t go another step.. that is the time to remember..He will redeem this..He has not forgotten..He is in this..His plan is unfolding. Trusting Him in the dark..a true sign of maturity.

My prayer for you today is that you can begin to look at the silver linings..think back and realize how the suffering led to things that would not happen in any other way. I pray that He gives you eyes to see that He is with you.. that His plans for you are unfolding..to trust that you are seeing a small part of the bigger picture and when it is time He will show you more.

“He works all things for the good of those who love Him..ALL THINGS!”