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Following closely..

I often picture life with God as an adventure in following. Life itself is uncertain and we face trials and tests that threaten to overcome us. The only sure way to stay on course is to follow Him closely. The storyline of our lives is similar to the stories that we watch in movies, read about in books, or even stories that we may write..if we are gifted in that area. Our lives move forward without our permission..new circumstances face us at every turn. Some seasons are more obvious challenges..others are more subtle.

There is no question that the trials will never stop.. not while we are here. It can be tiring..but would we trade it for a life in which nothing happens? Life in a comfortable cocoon..a life where we feel safe and secure..a life where we never need to take a risk or trust. I don’t know about you..but that life sounds sad and small to me. 

Once we understand His offer of abundant life..we begin to see the ways we can choose to accept that offer. We move forward down the road of life..staying close behind Him..sometimes walking beside Him..always looking at Him..realizing that He is with us and knowing we are not alone. He guides us through the rough patches..taking us to new levels of faith..finding resting places when we need them. Let’s stay close to Him and continue on..

” The Lord is my shepherd.. I have all I need..He lets me rest in green meadows..He leads me beside perfect streams..He renews my strength..My cup overflows with blessings..and I will live in the house of the Lord forever.”