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Thirteen years ago..

today..I was widowed after living in a very difficult relationship for 25 years. I lived in a prison that I did not deserve..with an addict who never tasted the freedom that God wanted to give him. I thought my life was over when this happened..I thought I was too old to start over. I could not see a future for myself..God had a different plan.

My life now is unbelievable..I have an amazing husband , wonderful grandchildren, a beautiful place to live, lots of free time for the things I love. God has been so good to me. He has given me more than I could ever ask for or even dream about. He continues to surprise me. He has replaced my small sad story by placing me in His larger story..a great adventure..the abundant  life that I was longing for.

Now..this does not mean there are no problems..or that my life is a bowl of cherries. There are struggles and challenges..loss and disappointment. The good and the hard..they go hand in hand. He is the redeemer and the one who takes all of it and uses it for good. His plan is perfect and He is to be trusted.

I am celebrating His goodness today..recognizing His faithfulness and encouraging you to do the same. Take a little time to stand back from your life..look for the thin places where His goodness breaks through and your are overwhelmed by His love.

” Yet I am confident I will see the LORD’s goodness while I am here in the land of the living.”

The month of May..

One of my favorite months.. I always wanted my birthday to be in May..it is so beautiful outside and the roses are blooming..my favorite flower. The skies are blue..the hills are still green from the winter rain. The birds seems to be singing louder and sweeter. In our valley we are beginning to see the deer moving down from the open space. Bees are buzzing around my lavender plants and my herbs are growing again. Our Creator is at work..bringing new life into the world.

Right now I feel like I am emerging from a long dark winter..we had so much rain and I was in pain most of the time. God has given me hope that the pain is going to lessen and He has renewed my faith..in His ability to heal and restore. He is shining His light into the dark discouraged places of your heart as well. Was your winter long and hard? Are you ready for glimpses of spring..for encouragement and hope? I am and I believe He longs to give it to us. He has been with us through those long sleepless nights and He is with us now. He never left our side as we cried out to Him .

He is moving and doing new things. His heart for you is beyond your wildest dreams. Our God is amazing and He wants to fill us up on our journey so we can continue..to revive, renew, refresh, and restore us. Spring is here..a new season is beginning.

“The LORD your God wins victory after victory and is always with you. He celebrates and sings because of you, and he will refresh your life with his love.”

New Life

I woke up this morning thinking about Easter..being over. If you have been reading my blog for any period of time you probably recognize my fascination with days before and after key events..holidays etc…this is linked to my temperament type. I am an ENFJ..we enjoy the bigger picture and love to see patterns in everything. Often in my life I will notice how something happens on a certain date and then later something else major happens on that exact date. The second event usually represents closure or completion. I met my husband on the day before Easter and married him a year later on the day before Easter…and our name rhymes with Easter!

So here we are on the day after Easter and I am mulling over the significance of this day. Going back in history it was a great day for the first disciples. Jesus was alive and they were getting tiny glimpses of something huge that they barely understood. Although He told them it would happen they probably had their doubts. Suddenly they were astounded by the truth. He conquered death and they were invited into His kingdom..to live forever. It sounds too good to be true even now.

But is it? No..it is His gift to us. We are included..accepted..we belong..He is for us..forever and ever! He promises us new life..new beginnings..healing from old wounds..restoration..renewal. Our part is to accept this great gift. To allow the truth of His promises to sink in..to receive everything that He has for us. It won’t happen all at once.. it takes a lifetime..a lifetime that prepares us for that step over the threshold into eternity. The real big picture is only partially revealed to us here. There is so much more to come. Embrace the new life that He has for you today..live fully and as you do..He will reveal Himself to you in amazing and surprising ways!

“But forget all that- It is nothing compared to what I am going to do. For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the wasteland.”