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Holistic living

I keep coming back to this idea of a balanced life. We have so many demands on us in our culture. There is the culturally acceptable idea that we must always be busy.. that somehow our significance comes from our accomplishments. Then there is the idea among Believers that we must be emotionally available to everyone who needs us. We also have the prevailing cultural view that we need to go to a gym or somewhere daily to be in good physical shape… eat a particular way in order to be healthy. Add to that the ideal of spending time reading the Bible and praying every day and you have a full life.

The question for me is “what does a healthy balanced life look like? ” I’ve arrived at some conclusions over the last year. Too much activity is deadly. Time alone is absolutely necessary. Eating too much and too fast is unhealthy. It is not possible to be emotionally available to everyone who needs something. I don’t need to go anywhere but outside my front door to exercise..by walking. Sometimes I cannot read the Bible or any other book or pray. God understands this and is fine with it. His grace is enough.

So what does a balanced, holistic life look like? Living daily with our Great God, taking care of our bodies, pacing ourselves, and rejoicing in His goodness.

” Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.”





I have started adding photos to Flickr from this trip to Maui and a previous trip to Kauai in 2007.  The widget on the side of my blog is a link to those pics if  you want to take a look. Photos speak louder than words at times!



More Maui pictures.. Enjoy

A piece of heaven on earth!

Maui.. God’s beautiful creation

Maui is a wonderful place. The colors are vivid and the people are warm and friendly. It is a perfect place to escape the pressures of life and soak in something beautiful that God has made. It is a place of refreshment and renewal.. an island that seems to say ” relax, slow down, and leave your cares behind.” I was able to do that and I wanted to share a few of the sights with you!


Flying to Maui

Flying to Maui by aliciarose47
Flying to Maui, a photo by aliciarose47 on Flickr.

We just got back and I will be posting pictures of this amazing place..very soon. Just wanted to get your attention.