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When I was growing up I lived in Los Angeles in an area inhabited by celebrities.  It was a very different world.  There were movie and TV stars but we knew they were just people. We were intrigued by them, but the world did not revolve around them. My sister and I both knew children of television stars and two girls from my high school went on to be very well known actresses. It was a different time and we knew that famous people were not gods..not idols..not even role models.

Things could not be more different now. The internet has made being famous the highest calling. Nothing is more important than being so well-known that everyone else in the world wishes they were you. What is this doing to our culture? and what is it doing to us? It pulls us away from the things that really matter and makes us feel like our small lives are unimportant. We can easily be seduced into believing that the things we do everyday are insignificant unless we are impacting large numbers of people..unless we are making a huge difference.

Nothing could be further from the truth. If your life touches one other life..you are making a  difference. If you do one small thing that helps another person.. you are living your life fully. God values people..each person..every single human being. His kingdom is in direct opposition to the narcissistic culture that surrounds us. It pays to stay awake and take inventory in this area.  Do you feel like you aren’t making a difference? How are you viewing your life? Are you looking through the lens of the celebrity driven culture or through the eyes of God?

His ways are not ours. The path to fulfillment cannot be found on the road to success. Your life is meant to be lived fully, richly, and abundantly as you follow the path He has carved out for you. Don’t underestimate who He created you to be and how He wants to use you in this very needy world. Your life has a purpose and everything you do matters to Him.

” Then the King will say…I’m telling the solemn truth: Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me—you did it to me.”