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Buried Treasure

No.. I’m not talking about the kind you are thinking about. Yes..I would love to find a valuable treasure buried in my back yard..one that would bring an end to financial difficulties for good. That isn’t likely..especially since I have no yard 🙂 I’m referring to another kind of treasure. It is buried..but has nothing to do with money.

Beneath the surface of our lives..in our innermost parts..there are treasures. They are keys to help us unravel our stories..our memories..even the ones we would rather forget forever. God created us with memories. He designed us to retain pictures of things that have happened in our lifetime. Some of these are pleasant and joyful..some are sad and painful. All of them have a purpose. They tell us about ourselves.

Allowing yourself to re-visit these memories may be difficult..but it is easier than burying them inside where they can continue to cause pain. This is one reason I believe in counseling..under the right conditions it becomes a safe place to remember. So many of us just need to tell someone our story.. to be listened to..to have someone say that it was hard and it makes sense that we are in pain. There is freedom in that process..receiving validation that our pain is real is the beginning of the healing. God is able to meet us..but we often need people as well..someone who is able to walk with us on this leg of our journey..somewho will provide emotional support..compassionate caring..understanding.

Ask God for that person..keep seeking..He will provide the help that you need. Isolation can bring the issues to the surface but it takes intimacy with people to resolve them. We were created to be connected to one another and to need each other. Don’t be afraid..allow Him to dig up that buried treasure so He can give you the abundant life that He has promised.

” The thief”s purpose is to steal..kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.”