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Living in America in the 21st century we usually think about money when we hear this word. Lately many of us have had to face our own inability to provide all that we need for ourselves. When the economy was booming it was easier to live under the illusion that we could take care of ourselves. We could always get a job or do whatever was needed to survive. That is no longer the case for some of us. Jobs are scarce. Times are hard.

What a wake-up call for all of us. Even in the best of times we never took care of ourselves. Everything we have comes from the hand of our God. I don’t think Christians in our country believe that. We tend to be very independent and self-sufficient. It makes me wonder if God is not saying something big to us through our current trials. Is He the one who provides the money for our lifestyles? Or are we? As we are aging will He continue to provide all we need or do we need to make sure we have huge savings? Is our bank account an idol? Is financial security a false god?

I don’t know how you will answer these questions. I know for myself that I had to admit that I did have money as an idol. Not because I wanted to be wealthy but because I spent so much time focused on it and wanting financial security. God convicted me about 6 years ago. The journey from that moment to this has been difficult. Financial challenges increased. Security was not on the horizon. In order to show us His sovereignty God often takes us right into the area where our greatest fears have a grip on us. It is painful and the struggle may be long and incredibly challenging. His goal is to release us so that our security is truly in Him and not in our bank balance.

I am grateful that He continues to set me free from the tyranny of money. I pray that He will do the same for you.

“Seek the Kingdom of God above all else and He will give you everything you need.”


Do you ever have trouble believing? Believing what? Believing that God is in charge..that He has a plan..that all of this is part of something bigger..that this is only a taste of what is to come..that the kingdom of God is unfolding even now. Many of us have trouble embracing these truths. Doesn’t all of this seem to important and real? Aren’t the things of this world always clamoring for our attention? Yes..they are and we have an enemy that wants us to invest in them. The enemy of our souls..the one who continues to draw us toward the world and away from God.

The good news is that we have a God who has an even bigger desire to pull us toward Him. He is continually reminding us that we are made for more..more than a nicer home..a bigger car..a better job..a larger bank account. We were created to be invited into His kingdom. He has made a way for us.. a different path..another road..an amazing destiny. All of these temptations.. the ones that pull us away from Him are empty..they never deliver what they promise to provide. They are idols and idols cannot compete with the living God. His plan is to restore us, redeem us, refresh us, renew us, rebuild us, transform us and to heal us. He has great purposes for us.. both here and in eternity. We are chosen by Him to be His people.. His beloved.

“For He knows the plans He has for us..for good and not for disaster..to give us a future and a hope.”