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I have been writing on this blog for 8 years and I am trying to decide whether to move on or not. I will leave the blog up because there are so many posts that might help people, but as far as continuing to write on it.. I am not sure. My whole life has changed dramatically and maybe I need to start a new blog.. I am not even sure if anyone still reads this.. but I know I have enjoyed writing here.. This season is so challenging that lots of my time is spent wondering how to support my husband and myself.. I need to take care of myself so I can be there for him and that is a journey in itself.. Care giving is very draining and I have done so much of it that I wonder how much more I can do.. but with God all things are possible!

So if you do happen to read this, please pray for me as I ask the Lord to lead me and give me wisdom.. I am such a loyal person that it seems very hard to give this up.. maybe it is justĀ  time to write more honestly about my journey and help those who are also struggling to follow the Lord while experiencing heartbreak…Time will tell.

If you have any thoughts that you would like to share with me.. now is the time! Feel free to post your comments.