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Walking in faith..

That is the life that God has called us to, yet we often fail to realize what that truly means. Lately I have been reminded of His continual call “Follow me.”  I am learning in a deeper way that He wants me to lay down all my own plans..even the ones that seem so right to me. I forget how easy it is to come up with my own good ideas and then believe that God wants the same thing for me. Things that appear so right and good in my own eyes may not be at all what He has in mind. 

Every time I revisit it.. He calls me to look at the idols in my life and asks me to set them aside and look to Him. Trust is saying  yes to Him even when I am afraid and doubting the outcome. Trust is knowing that He only has good things for me even when I think I know what will make me happy and contented. Trust is waiting even when it seems dangerous and counter intuitive. Trust is looking back and remembering His faithfulness throughout my life. Trust is being willing to leave my comfort zone and continue to walk with Him in faith..knowing that His ways are not mine. Trust is asking for a big role in this story that He is unfolding and not backing out when He asks for more than I think I can give. Trust is falling backward into His arms and knowing that He will catch me.

Lord, help us to walk in faith with you, trusting you in all things at all times. Strengthen us when we are weak and meet us when we are filled with fear and unbelief. You are the God who set the heavens in place and we place our lives in your hands.. Amen