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Ready for another reminder?


Last month I wrote about the Romance.. the larger story of God’s continual display of love in our world. Rather than move on to another topic.. I wanted to stay with the Romance and keep reminding us of the truth that He is constantly pursuing us ..He keeps the desires of our hearts tucked in a safe place so that when it is time.. He will bring them to fulfillment.


The tough part is learning how to navigate the road of life when it seems as though those desires remained unfulfilled for too long. We tend to start doubting.. is He good? Has He forgotten me? Am I asking for too much? Should I give up? In my experience none of these questions really help.. they just tend to bring discouragement. So what do we do while we are waiting? Live fully.. trusting Him with His timing and affirming our desire to follow Him fully even we when we feel forgotten.


This enables Him to surprise us .. to come through long after we thought He would. We begin to truly understand that ” His thoughts are not ours.. His ways are not our ways.” The path is not a smooth one.. but along the way there is beauty and there are glimpses of the Romantic heart of God. He renews our strength as we call out to Him ..He fills us with hope.. we become more dependent upon Him and we start to trust His heart.. all things that He desires for us!



Never Give up..

How many times have you heard that phrase? It pops up periodically on my igoogle desktop app. I always get encouraged when I see it.  So many times in my life I have had to wait and wait and wait. With more than 6 decades under my belt.. I can remember things I have  hoped for 40 or 50 years.. Wow! That is hard for me to take in. Our sense of time and our perspective on waiting are very different from God’s. He is eternal and He is not in time. 50 years to Him is nothing.. He created time..imagine that!

So when we wait for something for a year, 5 years, 10 years or more..that does not mean we are to give up and believe that it will never happen. How do we continue to have hope? By trusting that the one who created us and gave us desires will bring them to completion..in His time not ours. It is reassuring to realize that every single thing that God intended for us on this side of eternity will come to pass if we don’t give up..if we don’t walk away..if we follow Him around every corner..through every dark tunnel..holding on as He takes us on detours and leads us into unknown territory.

Life with God is an adventure.. adventures are not always easy..they are often risky. If you are waiting and waiting..keep it up. Trust Him..remember His goodness..keep holding on..don’t give up. Here’s one of my favorite verses..from Psalm 27. It is for you!

“Wait for the LORD;
    be courageous and let your heart be strong.
    Wait for the LORD.”