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All things..

Yes..everything. It all works together for the good of those who love God. How? The Bible says that He causes this..it is His plan. He has a plan that includes every detail of our lives..Do you believe that? Not many believers do. We believe He is real. We read the book. We know that He helps those who help themselves..No that is not in the Bible..we add that ourselves. That is not the way it works in the kingdom of God.

He is at work all the time..doing so many things that we cannot imagine. His plan is unfolding for our lives as we walk with Him. He is behind the scenes putting all the pieces in place for what is going to be revealed. He is redeeming the years that the locusts have eaten. He is preparing us for our next season and working on our behalf in more ways that we can imagine. Our part is to believe this and to live as though it were true..because it is! 

Remember the story of Abraham and Sarah? God promised them that they were going to have a child and they waited and waited and waited. Finally Abraham tired of waiting and took things in his own hands. He had a son with his servant Hagar..and lived to regret that decision. Then God spoke to both Abraham and Sarah telling them again that they would have a son and they both laughed. They were too old and they knew it. God kept His promise despite their unbelief. He was working on their behalf and knew exactly when He would fulfill that promise.

Why do you think their story is told? Because we are them. We don’t believe God and we laugh to ourselves when we walk in that unbelief. We are actually saying..God is not able.. He does not care..it is too late. Abraham and Sarah learned to believe God..He taught them about His faithfulness and stayed with them through thick and thin as they learned the lessons He was teaching them. He does the same thing with our lives. He tests our faith and waits for us to begin believing Him when we cannot see..trusting in His faithfulness..knowing that He has a plan for us.

Then the Lord said to Abraham,” Why did Sarah laugh?” Why did she say “Can an old woman like me have a baby?” Is anything too hard for the Lord? I will return about this time next year and Sarah will have a son.  Sarah was afraid so she denied it saying “I didn’t laugh.” But the Lord said “No, you did laugh.”

Unexpected challenges..

Have you had any of those lately? I have. I find myself saying “nothing prepared me for this.” Life is not predictable and we are often thrown into situations that challenge our faith. Why are we surprised when it happens so often? Probably because we like our comfort zone..we want to put down roots..to settle in and feel safe. The truth is we are safe..not because everything is going smoothly but because we have God. In fact if everything is too smooth and predictable we may have settled into a rut..a place of complacency where nothing is happening. We are writing our own story and not living in the one He has for us.

God’s script for our lives has many scenes where there are dangers and risks and uncertain outcomes. He continually asks us to step up..to move out..to go forward..to get uncomfortable..to be vulnerable. To live life fully..all of these things are necessary. If we are to embrace a greater faith we have to move past our present level of faith..take risks that may seem out of control. This is probably one reason we can’t rely too much on other people. They may try to protect us or keep us safe.. when God is doing the opposite. He is calling us to something more that only He can tell us about. No hero of the faith has a great cloud of people cheering them on. In fact they may have more critics or sceptics surrounding them than the rest of us.

Is God calling you to put aside fear and doubt and follow Him somewhere new? Are you going? What is keeping you from moving? He is doing amazing things in our time and He is looking for those of us who will join Him. He is the adventurer and we are the followers. He is creative and a natural risk taker. We are His people and we are invited into His Kingdom where He promises an exciting and abundant life.

“Abraham believed God, and God counted him as righteous because of his faith. The real children of Abraham, then, are those who put their faith in God.”