We can never stand still..

Alicia's Roses

As people who choose to walk with God we can never stand still. Of course I am not talking about being still.. you know that I attach great importance to that concept. I am referring to our emotional and spiritual growth. If we are not moving forward..growing..learning..taking risks..pressing in..and desiring more of Him, we are stuck. We may think we are just in a holding pattern but the truth is we will lose ground. Life with God is about movement.. we choose the direction by the decisions we make every day.

If we choose to be fearful, doubtful, and reluctant to take risks.. we will fall behind. Yes.. we are all moving one way or another.. either forward or slipping backward into a place of apathy and eventually depression. God is calling us to come closer.. to seek His face.. to encounter Him in new ways and to follow Him as…

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