The last ten years..

Facebook reminded me of this post today and I felt like I should share it again with an update. After three years of unemployment we were able to work together, Steve and I, doing a cleaning job for a year. At the end of that time we began to realize he had some cognitive issues that were not going away. In May of this year he was diagnosed with a neurological condition. The Lord has blessed us with several government programs that provide for our needs. We are retired and I have the best job in the world.. taking care of my amazing husband. No.. not the life I dreamed about but the life God has given me and my job now is to be grateful and live fully .. I hope you are encouraged as you read this.. He is with us in each and every circumstance..

Alicia's Roses


For the last few days I’ve been aware of this sense that I need to tell my story.. I used to do this when I had the opportunity to do it in women’s groups. Those seem to be gone, yet I still need to tell my story … I know that other people’s stories bring me such encouragement. So.. the last ten years have been extremely challenging.. I graduated from Seminary in 2006 and started my counseling practice that same year. My prayer was that the Lord would provide through my husband Steve. I knew the counseling was more a ministry than a business and I was hoping for a release from financial problems. That really never happened.

Steve has worked.. but all the jobs have been temporary and even those opportunities dried up. The country went into a recession and he got older. We have been in this unemployment…

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