Whenever I think of summer… somehow I begin to remember my childhood.. summer went on forever and it was amazing. School was out so there were no deadlines..we had time to swim, ride bikes, take vacations and my favorite of all.. the beach! Those days are long gone.. but the memories are still intact.. I long for that sense of timelessness and that joy of wandering along the boardwalk at the beach. It was amazing to be free of those things that challenged me at school.. not so much the schoolwork, but the long days in the classroom and the social dynamics with the other kids. I probably would have a been a great candidate for homeschooling if that had existed back then.. just stay home and learn everything from mom.. after all she had a Phd in psychology.. it probably would have been amazing. My grand kids are experiencing that right now. they get to learn from their very well educated mother.. I am so thankful that this is happening for them.

So this year.. my goal is to truly experience summer as an adult even though the responsibilities do not stop and the challenges are not taking a break. But summer is here in full bloom.. all the summer fruit is out and it is sooo good!! The sun shines brightly and the skies are blue. When there are clouds, they are wonderful.. designed by God to encourage us.. the sunsets too. We live on a hill and during July the sunsets tend to be very beautiful with orange and pink skies spreading out in all directions. We went on a hike today.. it was hot and I am not as young as I used to be, but so grateful that I can still hike and enjoy the smells of the trees and the beauty of this area. God is so good. He allows us special moments throughout our lives.. moments to enjoy and appreciate the life He has given us.

His creation is a gift to us and summer is a great time to take it in. I feel the longing to be back in those early years.. to experience the endless summer.. but I know there is more ahead that we realize.. someday we will experience things even more glorious than those summers of childhood and we won’t grow up and leave them behind. God has a plan for us that includes a future in His presence where we can enjoy creation in an unlimited way and it will be much better than summer!

” I tell you the truth, anyone who doesn’t receive the Kingdom of God like a child will never enter it.”…(mark 10:15)

4 thoughts on “Summertime..

  1. Good morning, Alicia! Thank you for this lovely reflection. I experience that sweet timelessness during family holidays! At Thanksgiving there are usually three or four days in a row where I just feel completely shut in with timelessness and being able to play games and go to the park and hang out with loved ones and just be completely separated from all of the pressure and timelines and duties and responsibilities. So I love that little visit back to that amazing feeling that you describe so well in childhood summer. And I love how you express heaven, and how we won’t be growing out of that wonderfulness!!! Love to you❤️

    • Thanks Susan.. it is so amazing that the Lord allows us these moments when we can capture those old feelings.. almost like He wants us to remember.. to savor those moments and to long for more!

  2. Thanks Alicia, Beautiful pics! Once again you have encouraged me to stop and smell God’s beautiful roses! Yes, His plans are wonderful and so much more than we imagined.

    This year I will turn 65… I got the medicare card in the mail this week. I am working 30+ hrs per week at the Fresno Macy’s and enjoying my beautiful new used 2014 Honda. Thank you Lord for a safe car with air conditioning as the temp has been as high as 110 degrees in the long days of HOT, HOT summer weather.

    I would ask for prayers of healing for my Sister Kay. She had ablations on both sides of her heart just over a year ago, then she had and life threatening internal bleed caused by the drug XERALTO. Today her blood panel is awful. Thank you for your prayers. We are growing in our friendship and Sisterhood… that in itself is a miracle!

    Well, I am off to work, then to my Sister Kay’s place to feed and love on her two dogs. Please also pray for her girl Sophie (St. Charles Cavalier) that she fully recovers from almost throwing her hip out on Monday this week. Money is tight and the trip to Pet ER was high. Now the meds are causing her to pass blood so this might me the onset of an ulcer.

    So happy to hear that you are well and enjoying God’s wonderful gifts outdoors.

    Blessings, Kathi

    • Hi Kathi.. so good to hear from you. I pray that the Lord heals your sister.. good to hear that God is using it for good in your relationship with her. Together we are asking the Lord to bring His healing touch to both her and her dogs.. He knows how to do that! Enjoy this wonderful summer and remember He is able to do much more than we ask or imagine.. xo Alicia

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