Aging.. part two

I am following up on my last post. This is a season of growth for me.. particularly since I wrote my last post.. God is revealing things that I really need to see. I am reading things geared to people in my age range.. written by believers who are struggling with the same issues I am facing. After lots of prayer and confession, God is helping me realize the beauty of this season. Instead of being negative about my age, I am feeling thankful that He has allowed me to stay on the earth.. in this life for 66 years.

My life over the last 15 years has been richer and more challenging than anything that I could have imagined. I am grateful for this season.. so many of my dreams have come true.. there have been surprises that I never expected. As I battled with the temptation to judge myself and my accomplishments.. the voice of God spoke  to me ” Be grateful and remember how I have protected you and provided for you for all these years. Expect more. Look ahead prayerfully and with anticipation.”  He is also cautioning me to drop my disappointments and embrace my failures. He warns me to stop cynicism, anger, unforgiveness, and bitterness at the door of my heart and turn to Him for cleansing and renewal.

I am so excited about this next year and I hope you are too. God is good.. trustworthy and faithful. If we remember that.. we have all that we need in every situation and at any age. He will not abandon us!

Happy New Year and God’s blessings on you!!!

“Yet I am confident I will see the LORD’s goodness while I am here in the land of the living.” ( from psalm 27)


6 thoughts on “Aging.. part two

  1. Thank you so much for opening your heart so fully, encouraging us to do the same simply by being who you are. I thank God for you, dear friend!

  2. Oh, I so understand this essay, Alicia. I am 71 years old now, and it seems to me that every day is richer and deeper than any other day ever was in my entire life. I, too, have found that Jesus is faithful in all circumstances. There is no night so dark that He cannot find us and lead us into the light of His glory. I enjoyed reading this tonight, thank you!

    • You are so welcome Lynda.. I am 67 now.. I think I said 66 in this post:) Treasuring life is so important.. just thinking that I am so blessed to have days that are not filled with busyness..time to reflect and paint and write. God is good!

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