God is working..

all the time. Right now, at this very moment He is at work in your life and behind the scenes. We need reminders of this frequently.. I got one this morning and felt compelled to share it. It came from ” Streams in the Desert,” a book that never fails to bring truth when I need it. Today’s page was from George Mueller..I mentioned him a few posts back. He was someone who trusted God in a way we rarely see in our modern world.

I consider him a hero of the faith because he lived daily with God, trusting in Him and as he did.. God provided.. over and over again. Writing about Romans 8:28.. he reminds us that God works.. not worked or will work. It is the present tense..” a continuing operation.” Then there is this beautiful passage:

We also know from Scripture that God’s justice is like the great deep; at this very moment the angels in heaven, as they watch with folded wings the development of God’s great plan are undoubtedly proclaiming ” The Lord is righteous in all his ways and loving toward all He has  made.”

Ending with this:

In a thousand trials, it is not just five hundred of them that work ” for the good” of the believer, but nine hundred and ninety-nine plus one.

Always in everything, at all times.. no matter what we feel, or believe, God is at work working all things for our good..every single moment of every day. What an amazing promise!

We know that in ” all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose.”   (Romans 8:28)


10 thoughts on “God is working..

  1. Thank you so much.. if only we could all walk in that level of faith..He is training us to keep our eyes on Him in all things at all times.

  2. Lovely post. The more we trust and have faith, the more God works in our lives. And I know that even when we have very bad times, they don’t last for ever, they just don’t. Let the Good Times Roll!!!

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