Change is never easy..

at least for some of us. I have a love hate relationship with change. Over the last 15 years my life has changed very dramatically and most of those changes have been for the best. Yet whenever I face another transition and a season is ending.. I don’t find it easy. Maybe there are people who crave change and like the excitement that it brings.. I’m not one of those. I rarely even rearrange my furniture and I love to hang on to my favorite clothes..hoping they never wear out:)

Yet.. I know that change is a big part of life and the area where I love to see change is in my character. I want to become all that God intends while I am here. So as much as I resist the changes in circumstances that come with life.. I realize they are the fuel for the inner changes that God is making in me. He uses all of it to get to the places inside where I need to grow and to heal old wounds.  These opportunities to move forward with Him are priceless if we embrace the process..otherwise they are miserable and can cause depression and discouragement. I move through this time of change.. sitting here typing..I hear the winds of change blowing madly outside my window. My prayer is that God will teach me everything I need to learn in this season..that I will continue to trust Him with my whole heart.

I like this quote by Leonard Ravenhill.. “The question isn’t were you challenged. The question is were you changed?”  What a great question to ask ourselves as we journey down the road of life.




3 thoughts on “Change is never easy..

  1. There have actually been even more changes than I expected recently.. so I am buckling my seatbelt and trying to stay calm as the winds continue to blow in new beginnings:)

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