Underground Stream part 2

Three years ago I wrote a post about God’s underground stream. I remembered it a couple days ago when I was hiking with my husband. We were walking along a trail by a beautiful stream that was breathtaking. The ferns were vibrant green and lush along the creek bed. The water was rushing down the creek..there were mini waterfalls everywhere. .I felt like I was in Hawaii.

We needed this experience because our life has been a difficult over the last year. We’ve had to trust God with our future in a way that we have never experienced in our life together. The path has been revealed a step at a time and we know there is light at the end of the tunnel, but at times it feels like our prayers and dreams are being met with silence.

When I saw the stream go underground as we hiked further in,  I felt that God was speaking to me. Saying.. “don’t think that I am gone or that I have left you because you cannot understand. Behind the scenes I am working on your behalf..preparing the way for you.” The stream was underground but not gone.. it emerged further down the trail and led us to an amazing larger waterfall that was flowing down from rocks high above our heads. What a sight!

This was followed by another reminder from the Lord a day later. There was a beautiful rainbow in the sky that seemed to be just for us. It appeared…seemed to disappear and then got larger and brighter. We were able to see it for about an hour. The rainbow is a sign..from the author of our faith.. He has not forgotten and He will  come through for us. It is His promise to you too..His ways are not ours, but He is faithful and true. He is the redeemer..the healer and the lover of our souls.









Here’s a link to my original post if you missed it..




2 thoughts on “Underground Stream part 2

  1. I love how when the refreshing reappeared it was “high above our heads” … from above … sent from the One who has promised never to leave or forsake us no matter what our circumstances would have us otherwise believe.

  2. .. When I was writing, I remember looking up and seeing the water flowing down.. coming from an endless source ” high above our heads.” Didn’t realize until I read your comment how it was a picture of God as the source and provider.. the one who provides the Living Water.
    Thanks for the comment.. it was perfect:)

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