Seasons of waiting..

Today is the 4th anniversary of my blog.  I began writing here in March of 2010.  It’s also the first day of Spring..a good day to begin things. When I went back to one of my first posts, I noticed that I was writing about waiting and that theme has resurfaced through the years.. over and over again.

Life is full of waiting. We are waiting for one thing or another as long as we are here.. I’ve spent time trying to understand waiting and learning to wait in a way that doesn’t deplete me emotionally. I can’t say I’ve figured it all out, but I do know one very important thing.. GOD IS IN THE WAITING. While we are wondering.. He is working and great things are being accomplished in us and for us.

So much of our lives are filled with longings and He is in those as well. He puts his desires inside us and then takes whatever time is necessary to fulfill those desires. He changes us as we wrestle with Him and as we trust Him. He heals us and restores us in these seasons. These are rich times when He can go deep into our hearts and find wounds that have been patched over. He removes the band aids and cleanses us.

I am not a patient person and I really dislike waiting, but the fruit of all the waiting I’ve done has been great and I am thankful. Without it, I would not know His grace the way I do now nor would I feel as restored as I do now. No.. I would not choose it, but I am grateful to the Lord who knows what is best for me.

I pray that as you read this and as you wait.. you get a bigger glimpse of this great God that will do whatever it takes to capture your heart.

Thanks for reading my blog, without you.. I would have no reason to write.

xoxo Alicia

Happy Spring!!!


12 thoughts on “Seasons of waiting..

  1. Thank you, dear Alicia, for your incredible words (pearls!) of wisdom. Your words resonated deep intoy heart, and I thank God for speaking so eloquently through you… “I pray that as you read this and as you wait… You get a bigger glimpse of this great God that will do whatever it takes to capture your heart.” AMEN!!!! May He bless you with Hope in this time of Waiting as you Trust in Him.

  2. Beautiful post Alicia and yes, congratulations. If only we would do as you have done and look back at what He has done to see all that He has done when we feel nothing has been done. To see the wonders of what He has accomplished in our lives for His glory. It’s all there. We just have to trust that He has never left or forsaken us. Thank you. Sending blessings and hugs xxx

  3. Thank you so much.. It is so difficult at times to see that it all has a purpose, yet I’ve found there is no other way. In the end we will find that He has worked in us so that we will reflect His goodness to others.. There is no greater gift:)

    I appreciate all your comments and insights..May he continue to bless you as you trust Him.

    xo Alicia

  4. To my friend Alicia,
    I’ve been reading your blogs since the beginning. and can honestly say I relate. Our GOD( IS!) an Amazing GOD!!!. Thank you for them your blogs, I am always lifted up and more assured when I read them. HUGE HUG with Love, Cheryl

  5. Alicia, Thank you for your faithfulness to share with us what God has been showing you over the years. Your wisdom has always been a great blessing to me, even before the blog started. I remember praying together about the things God had us each waiting on Him for. So very much has changed in our lives, dreams expanded, hopes reborn, but still we wait for His next step. In the mean time, He is faithful, we are transformed. Amen and amen! Thank you again for your pearls of wisdom and your friendship. We miss you both!

  6. Thank you Merrill.. it is wonderful to hear from you. Yes He has been faithful and nothing will ever change that. I hope that you and your family are doing well. We miss you too!
    xo Alicia

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