Fresh Start..

The beginning of the  year is an opportunity for a fresh start. I’m not writing about New Years resolutions or a list of all the things that I want to accomplish in 2014. What I need right now is a new way to look at the same old difficult things. When the clock struck 12 on Dec 31st, I did not leave my struggles back in 2013. Many of the difficulties of last year are continuing right into January.

So I am taking some steps toward living through the hard things without losing my emotional balance..One focus I have for this year was given to me by a good friend. She purchased a workshop for me called “One little word.” It gives me an opportunity to choose a word and focus on it throughout the year..creating a scrapbook and whatever other means I want to use to get that word inside my heart.

My word is ” REST”. I’ve heard that word for years now..coming to me from the heart of God. It seems unobtainable because of the trials that life continues to bring. Yet the Lord promises us rest and there are many references to it throughout the Bible. So I am going to throw myself into the challenge of learning to rest in all things.. to rest in the Lord.

I hope by the end of this year I can say with confidence..REST  is available and I am experiencing it in a deeper way than ever before. If you are interested in taking this workshop, it is available on this website.

Let’s trust God to bring us our word and to take that word and take it deep into our minds, emotions, body, and spirit this year.

Then Jesus said ” come to me all you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”



4 thoughts on “Fresh Start..

  1. Rest in the midst of troubles, rest even when we are in the middle of the storm… God bless you Alicia… keep pressing ahead… the Promised Land is in sight now…

  2. Praying rest that comes from God that is deeper than deep for you, Alicia. At the heart of rest is trust. Trust in Our Father’s deep, abiding love for you, sustaining you through the stormy seas. You reside in my prayers, dear friend and sis in our Lord. Thank you for sharing your life with us all, inspiring us to go deeper, reach higher, and grow taller in The Lord.

  3. Thank you so much for your prayers Suz..I know that God is behind my decision to embrace that word.and of course you were included in that process:) My hope is to keep that word written across my life during 2014.

    He is taking us into a deep rich season where we will learn more and more about His goodness and mercy.
    xo Alicia

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