Walking the labyrinth

My husband discovered a labyrinth near our house by viewing a nearby park on Google Maps. We were walking in this beautiful park and found some trails that we did not know about. He was researching and suddenly found that there was a short hike to a labyrinth that was in the parking lot of an Episcopal church. We visited the church and walked the labyrinth (actually half of it) with our grand kids about a week ago. We were surprised that they knew what it was.. and of course excited that they could actually see one in real life. Later I found out that my daughter (who was away on a retreat) was walking a labyrinth herself .. near the retreat center.

Yesterday Steve and I did the hike to our labyrinth and walked the other half. We met the rector of the Episcopal church and had a wonderful conversation about the church, the labyrinth, and lots of other things. God blessed us through the whole experience.

After reflecting on the presence of the labyrinth over the last week, I’ve come to believe that all of life is exactly that.. one long labyrinth. We walk along and suddenly there is a turn and then we find ourselves going back the way we came..more turns and once again we are on the path..finally we actually make it to the end. It seems like we are going over old territory..like we may never find out way out and then suddenly we see light at the end of the tunnel. Our journey is confusing.. but we are on the path and if we just persevere we will reach our destination.

Here are some pictures of our hike and the labyrinth. Wherever you are on your journey.. I pray that God will reveal the next step and that you will continue to follow Him on this winding road all the days of your life.






10 thoughts on “Walking the labyrinth

  1. I was trying to get my head around what you meant by a labyrinth, just couldn’t get my head into thinking gear! Thankfully the photo tells all. It’s lovely, and the sunshine, just like the Med! What a blessed place you live in. I love lonely paths and then coming across nice villages or little churches or just trees and farms and fields. God’s bounty is seen in His creation and He loves us so much because nature is so magnificent that it truly can fill you with awe, wonder and simple joy and pleasure.

  2. Our area does have a Mediterranean climate.. and it’s own type of beauty. The labyrinth idea is fairly new to me actually Tim.. I am fascinated by it though. Some of them are more three dimensional than the one in the picture. I think there is one in Half Moon Bay.. just south of San Francisco that is made from rocks.. I can’t wait to visit down there and see it. For some reason.. I have been finding beautiful churches in our area and just marveling at how you can live somewhere for so long and still be surprised by stumbling upon something new and wonderful. Truly gifts from God!

  3. There’s a church in central North Wales in a place called Betws Y Coed which has a Welsh knight with a really unusual Welsh name who fought in the battle of Poitiers or some early Mediaeval battle, or his effigy anyway. I think the church must be 700 years old at least. And there are gravestones there from the early 1600s which is quite something isn’t it?!

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