Still sailing..

My last post was written on the stormy sea..the waves were treacherous and threatening. The sea is calmer today. I still don’t see land and have no idea where we are headed, but I feel confident that the Lord has our course planned and when it is time we will arrive at our destination.

This morning I was looking back at all the other times in my life when I felt like I would drown in the stormy sea and God rescued me. He reminded me of how He answered my prayers.. not in the way I fact, His answers were better and more amazing than I could have imagined. As I remembered His faithfulness.. suddenly I realized anew that He is totally and absolutely for us.

When the sea is stormy and we are being thrust from one end of the boat to the other.. it is easy to forget that God is in control. He is not intimidated by the size of the storm and not deterred by our lack of faith. He will deliver us and bless us as we continue to trust Him..even when our doubts and fears try to overcome us. He knows us.. our hearts..our desires.. our longings and He will come for us.

How can I be sure of this? Because He has done this for me over and over again. I have so many stories of His faithfulness.. they could easily fill up a book. One day I will actually write that book and share those stories..for His glory!

The LORD says, “I will rescue those who love me. I will protect those who trust in my name.”     Psalm 91:14






5 thoughts on “Still sailing..

  1. Thank you so much for the encouragement Ladies… I have actually been working on the book for a couple years and it may be that it is time to return to it and actually finish it 🙂

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