The journey continues

We are still in the fog these days..but God continues to break through at times and shine some light into the darkness. He knows that we need hope. Without hope we cannot continue..our faith grows weak and we wonder if we are totally lost.

I am so grateful that at just the right moment..He comes through with a glimpse of something..a possibility..enough to help us continue. I’ve noticed a pattern recently..just as I am on the verge of total hopelessness..God does something to encourage me. As I am walking down the dark path..suddenly He shows up! Just as I feel like I cannot walk another step.. I realize that He is with me.. that I am not alone and that He has lifted my spirits and given me strength for the next leg of the journey.

His desire is that we trust Him..rely totally on Him, no matter how bleak things may look. He is close even when He feels far away. He wants us to depend upon Him for everything..all the time. I know you’ve heard that before..and so have I.  Right now I am experiencing the truth of that message in a deeper way. All the time for everything. Wow!

So.. if you are discouraged. Keep looking to Him. Keep seeking Him. Keep asking. Keep trusting Him. We are doing it together and He is with us.

“Lord, as we stumble in the darkness, grab our hands.. lead us  and protect us. Encourage us as we wait on you. Bring hope for the future and keep us close to you.”



10 thoughts on “The journey continues

  1. Love this Alicia!
    Just the other day I was wondering how you were doing, and now I know, just the same as me!
    Thank you for your encouragement, the Lord is hard at work impressing the same thing to me, rely on Him all the time, for everything and even when it’s dark & I can’t see Him, He is there.

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for thinking of me and for stopping by. I’m not surprised we are on the same page. He is working deeply to help us trust Him always in all things and I believe it is so we can encourage those who have that lesson coming in the future..:)
    xoxo Alicia

  3. Alicia, my big problem is fully trusting God; do you know why? Because for stupid reason I fear He’ll lead me into a situation where I will be not be able to handle it, or be ridiculed, or find myself hating God for putting me in some place where I don’t want to be. And guess what, all those things actually do happen when I don’t trust Him. For some reason, the Dr Seuss story of ‘Green Eggs and Ham’, a great fear all through the story where he won’t eat them, and when at the end he does, he likes them! It’s kind of like that. Would our Heavenly Father really want to hurt us in any way?

  4. No He would not..but there are things that keep us from believing that. We have baggage and wounding that can get in the way.. and of course an enemy that does not want us to walk in faith. Fortunately God never tires of us and continues to persuade us that He loves us totally and only has good things for us!

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