Refiners Fire..

The last time I posted here was two weeks ago. For some reason it seems like two years ago. There has been so much that God has been doing in this last period of time.. I haven’t really been able to record it or… fully understand it. It is amazing how the Lord allows our circumstances to be so challenging that either we must change or we really can’t survive. He is an expert at orchestrating things so that we see what we never saw before.

He wants to change us.. so He does whatever it will take to truly capture our hearts. His desire is to make us fully His. Those obstacles that keep us from trusting Him need to be identified and removed.

I have been watching the idols fall in my own life. Things that seemed so right to me are actually things that get in the way of my willingness to follow Him wholeheartedly. He has exposed those things that I cling to tenaciously.. believing that they will bring me fulfillment. The process of letting go is painful..but it is more destructive in the bigger picture to hold on. I am grateful that He loves me enough to change me.

The whole point of our life with Him is growth.. when we grow we come closer to Him… He is able to mold and shape us as we obey Him. This is no easy road..but the only one worth traveling. Our relationship with Him is the key to everything in this life and the one to come.

“And yet, O Lord, you are our Father.
    We are the clay, and you are the potter.
    We all are formed by your hand.”

(Isaiah 64:8)

6 thoughts on “Refiners Fire..

  1. I haven’t posted anything for a while either, and it seems like ages for me too. God is bringing me through a very painful trial, and idols are being crushed and dismantled too. That can be very painful but is ultimately for our own good. It is so hard to just let God work in our lives isn’t it? We always think we know best, or perhaps fear He will bring us to a place we don’t want to be.

  2. I was thinking about you the other day Tim.. wondering how you were doing. I agree with you on the difficulty of really trusting Him to do what He needs to do in us.. one thing I do know is that in the end we are far better off than we were before.

  3. Unfortunately I believe that is the case. The good news, Wendy, is that we come out the other side with more freedom and understanding and compassion. All things we might never have without the trials and tests.

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